Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shameless promotion

The book I was doing research on for Dr. Robin Broad and her husband, John Cavanagh (director of the Institute for Policy Studies) has finally been published. It's a short volume (ca. 100pp) tracking the rise and fall of the "Washington Consensus" and the rise of alternative development movements. It coud serve as a decent introduction to the field, or an interesting alternate perspective for those who have read Jeff Sachs or Tom Friedman.

If anyone is curious, you can get it from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or Borders, or Paradigm Press. If you're a Barnes and Noble member, it appears chepest, at $13.72. Otherwise, Paradigm press (the publisher) is cheapest at $14.41. The other two sites charge the full list price of $16.95.

Book opening is at Busboys and Poets (for those of you in DC), October 10th from 6-8pm.


EmMi said...

Would I be able to comprehend the content of the book in the least? If the answer is yes then I might actually go looking for it, but otherwise non-comprehensible content tends to drive me crazy...

Sean said...

You might be able to - its a short introduction-style book, meant for an undergraduate course in development, or for those who are wondering about perspectives that don't just say "let the market work". You might not know all of the political context or economic stuff, but its a short read - about 100pp.

MEW said...

Once I read it I'll let you know how manageable it is (like Sean's gonna let me get away with NOT reading it!)


I love you!

EmMi said...

Thankies, MEW! (Do you only use that on here, or do you allow your actual first name to be posted? I hate writing peoples' names only to find out they don't appreciate it, so I'll call you "MEW" until I find out which you prefer)

Somehow I think your opinion of whether or not I'll be able to comprehend it will be better than Sean's. The bugger is too smart for his own good (love you, Seannie).

And MEW, thanks for the giraffes. ^-^ They were totally awesome.


MEW said...

Awww, you're welcome for the giraffes, Emmi! I'm sorry I couldn't get that stuff done for you.

Seany IS too smart for his own good. Good thing I'm looking out for his own good, isn't it?

Love, Megan