Tuesday, October 7, 2008

John McCain: Maverick or Miscreant?

Thus far in my political blogging, I've questioned only John McCain's policies. I have, and still do, believe that his ideology is fifteen to twenty years out of date. Furthermore, though he clearly knows foreign policy, despite the occasional gaffe (though I'm dubious on his Middle East knowledge), he lacks any real understanding of economics. Plus, I've felt throughout this campaign that McCain has been willing to say anything it takes to get elected, including flip-flopping far more than Kerry dreamed of.

However, one thing I have not done is question the man's character. Frankly, I bought the media aggrandizement of his time as POW and thought his recent political career showed his commitment to fighting corruption - as McCain led the fight against torture, against the more extreme of President Bush's judicial appointments, and for campaign finance reform. Yet, I have recently read a lengthy biographical article that makes me question these assumptions - after all, I have never done any serious research on McCain's past. Could it be that the good Senator is little more then the volatile, petulant son of military brass?

Probably not, regardless of his past there is likely some truth about the media spin that his years as a POW created a resolve to serve his country. Besides, there are always those willing to slander you, perhaps because of a grudge, perhaps for personal reasons. However, it is also likely that there is more than a grain of truth in the claim that McCain was a spoiled, misogynistic, alcoholic military brat whose entire career was mediocre, and whose advancement came almost entirely on the coattails of four-star general lineage.

I suggest you read the article, and decide for yourself.