Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update: Cabinet announcements

Here's the most recent list of cabinet announcements:

Treasury: Timothy Geithner (Current President of the NY Fed, helped craft bailout plan)

Chief of White House National Economic Council: Larry Summers (Treasury secretary under Clinton)

Chair of Council of Economic Advisers: Christina Romer (UC Berkeley Economist, specialist in Great Depression)

Chairman of Economic Recovery Council:
Paul Voelcker (Former Fed Chairman who hiked rates in 1980s to get us out of Stagflation)

Staff Chief of Economic Recovery Council: Austan Goolsbee (U of Chicago economist, Senior Economist at Progressive Policy Institute)

Commerce: Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico, was a presidential primary candidate)

Foreign Policy:
Hillary Clinton (Senator from NY, primary candidate)

Defense: Robert Gates (at least as a transition for 1-2 years)

Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano (Governor of Arizona)

National Security Adviser: General James L. Jones (Retired Feb 2007 - former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe; Commander of the United States European Command; and Commandant of the Marine Corps)

Social Policy:
Health and Human Services: Tom Daschle (Former Senate Democrat Leader, published a book on Health Care recently, strong supporter of health care reform).

Director of Domestic Policy Council: Melody Barnes (Executive VP, Center for American Progress)

Director of Office of Management and Budget: Peter Orszag (Director of Congressional Budget Office; has focused particularly on health care)

Attorney General:
Eric Holder (Deputy AG under Clinton)