Friday, April 11, 2008

US Fearmongering and Venezuela: The Saga Continues

As I've mentioned before, the US government is notable for its somewhat imperialistic approach to Latin America. Even more remarkable is that the mainstream newsmedia tend to be implicit accomplices in anti-Latin American fearmongering, comparing "leftist" leaders with Fidel Castro when any connections are tenuous at best. Well, surprise, surprise... looks like we're at it again.

In the wake of last-month's standoff between Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Colombia's Alvaro Uribe, over Uribe's unauthorized attack against FARC rebels based out of Ecuador (and over the express protests of Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa), it appears that even the standard label of "communist dictator" that the administration applies to President Chavez is now too tame. Instead, the administration now seeks to add Venezuela to a list of states accused of harboring terrorists, in this case based on rather scanty evidence taken from laptops confiscated by Colombian officials. Surprising, isn't it, that Colombian officials conveniently discovered incriminating evidence to aim at Venezuela so soon after a military showdown?

Although, it's probably even more unfortunate that, even after all the lies this administration has told us, we're still so willing to believe the standard line on Chavez.